Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

DIY tape

Turnover-increasing DIY tapes

Are you a brand owner? Or a Purchasing Manager at a DIY chain or a central purchasing organisation? If so, you are looking for tapes that sell. Together we can create a cost-effective range of DIY tapes. A range that fits in with your target group. A range that distinguishes you from your competition. A range that fits in with your vision. We package the tapes with a named brand or private label in various formats and deliver them all over Europe. Fast and prompt.

Tape producer and private label specialist behind many brands

As producers, we are the engine behind the tapes range of many international and national well-known and less known brands. As a private label specialist we are the producer behind your brand. Most of our range of DIY tapes can be supplied from our own production facilities including duct tapes, double-sides tapes and self-adhesive protective film. Quality, distinction and flexibility guaranteed!