Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Double-sided profile tapes

With Supertape double-sided tapes you can be assured of a fast and efficient lamination process of tape to plastic profiles. Spools of up to 10,000 metres allow extra-long, cost effective production runs. 
When mounting price rails both acrylic and HSB [high synthetic bonding tapes] can be used.

HSB tapes adhere faster than acrylic tapes and are up to 2x stronger.
A useful fingerlift liner can be specified to aid quick and easy removal of the liner from the tape.

Our double-sided profile tapes

HSB tapes Premium adhesive strength in 20 minutes

HSB tapes stick to plastic substrates up to 2 times stronger than acrylic tapes. Acrylic tapes don’t always stick at lower temperatures, whereas HSB tapes are highly resistant against the cold. HSB tapes have stronger initial adhesive strength. They stick faster and reach maximum adhesive strength in 20 minutes. Acrylic tapes need 24 hours for this. HSB tapes do not contain toxic solvents and are less harmful to the environment.

User friendly fingerlift feature

Our profile tapes can be fitted with a practical fingerlift feature. The nonadhesive part makes it very easy to remove the liner and therefore it’s easier and quicker to apply price rails on the front of shelves for example. Unique in the market and a great advantage for shop designers, fitters and retailers.