Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Building and construction sector

The legislation for construction safety is constantly being tightened. The quality requirements for construction materials are getting stricter. The demand for special tapes for specific construction applications is growing. Our supply consists of application-specific tapes in various price/quality levels. Almost all of our duct, aluminium and double-sided tapes comply with the European guidelines imposed on VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) emissions. No migration occurs during long-term use of our construction tapes.

Distinctive tapes boost sales

Innovative construction tapes have a high stock turnover and drive up your sales. As a specialist in construction tapes we add distinction. Our all-weather duct tapes are known for their excellent adhesive performance at low temperatures, and on concrete and stone. Our tapes with high adhesion power are also very popular with professional wholesalers.

The tape producer behind many brands

As a tape producer, we are the driving force behind well-known and lesser known brands. You will find:

• One address for all your construction tapes;
• Various price/quality levels;
• Brand and private label packs;
• Troubleshooting tapes;
• Fast, prompt and flexible deliveries;
• Unique distinctive construction tapes;
• Purchase complete solutions.

Options for distinctive packaging

Do you outsource your packaging? Allow us to package your construction tapes in a suitable packaging such as a cuff, sleeve or shrink wrapping. With or without a Euro hole. In neutral packaging or displaying your own brand. Would you like to stand out? Then choose, for example, a shrink wrap with a carrying handle. There are countless possibilities; the choice is up to you. We package your tapes with the greatest of care.