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Food-safe tapes for food-safe packaging

Does the packaging tape sealing your cartons come into direct or indirect contact with your food products? Does your current sealing tape solution meet relevant European food safety directives? Our food-safe tapes are suitable for both direct and indirect food contact in accordance with EC Directive No. 1935/2004 and contribute to overall packaging safety, product security and consumer safety. 

Food-safe tape constituents and production

Our SuperFood tapes are carefully manufactured with food-safe-qualified products. The adhesive, for example, is tested for migration properties by an independent laboratory. We produce our tapes in an ISO-22000/HACCP-certified environment. Measures such as entry checks, pest control and strict hygiene, cleaning and process control prevent any possible contamination by broken glass, chemicals, etc. during the production process. Therefore, SuperFood satisfies both product and process requirements legislaton sets with regard to food suitable tape in every respect. 

Food-safe packaging and resealable tape

As the final link in the packaging process you are responsible for the food safety of your packaging - including the tape. As an ISO-22000/HACCP certified tape specialist, we like to contribute. The quality of your product will be maintained and the health of consumers will not be affected with our Foodsafe tapes. Our range consists of food-safe packaging tape, food-safe resealable tape and food-safe industrial tape

Transparent advice about food-safe tapes

Are you confused about the legislation related to food safety? Are you missing essential knowledge? Or maybe you don’t have time to research this issue? We will study your product, process and packaging based on our experience with tape, food safety and the food industry. We will advise about which rules apply to you and how you can comply with them as well as provide assistance in obtaining the correct food safety statement.

More information about food-safe tapes?

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