Self-adhesive tape manufacturer


We see quality as a condition and not as a distinguishing factor. You can therefore, count on punctual deliveries. On innovative product development. On constant-quality tapes with specific adhesion performance. On a flexible and/or food-safe tape production. And on dealing with people and the environment in an ethically responsible manner. To deliver on your expectations, we work strictly in accordance with the FSSC 22000/ISO 9001 requirements and the SMETA 4 pillar standards.

Continuously aim for operational excellence

To excel in services, we aim at performing all our tape activities correctly in one go, efficiently and on time. From purchasing raw materials to delivering the ready product. After all, every step in the supply chain has an impact on the quality, delivery reliability and pricing of our tapes. Finding the right balance between the hard side (processes) and the soft side of our organisation (people) is essential.

Continuously aim for operational excellence

An important quality objective is supply chain excellence. We follow our performance in the logistics chain closely. From the way in which we procure raw materials to our delivery reliability. Every step influences the degree in which we supply consistent tapes on time for prices in line with the market to your site. Our aim is "operational excellence" in our order processing, production and logistics departments.

Food-safe self-adhesive tape production

For food producers, we manufacture tapes in an FSSC 22000/ISO 9001-certified environment in accordance with EC directive no. 1935/2004. Entry controls, pest prevention and hygiene, cleaning and glass breakage procedures exclude contamination during manufacture. Our food-safe tapes are suitable for direct and indirect food contact and meet product and process requirements that legislation sets with regard to food-safe tapes.

Quality awareness and controls 

Good quality starts with good quality awareness among machine and forklift truck operators and employees at the office. In practice and during training, we make them aware of the consequences of their actions. The quality process ends in quality controls. Before, during and after production, the quality of the ingredients, the properties of the tape (using AFERA test methods) and the applicability of the tape are tested.

Ethical and socially responsible actions

Quality also comprises the correct ethical treatment of employees, customers and other business contacts. Every 3 years, a SMETA 4 pillar audit is therefore performed: the review framework that drives ethical and socially responsible business practices. We meet the highest requirements that SMETA sets with regard to labour standards, human rights, health and safety, business ethics and the environment. SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) has been developed by SEDEX. We have been a member of this body since 2010.

With our SMETA audit report, you are assured that we act ethically within the entire supply chain. You can examine this report by sending a request as a business contact to SEDEX number ZC1031655. View the audit report >