Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Closing boxes

Tape that breaks or rips while sealing boxes. Boxes that spontaneously open while stored or during shipment. It happens regularly. With recycled boxes. With overfilled boxes with a high flap tension. And with boxes that are closed under cold, warm or dusty conditions. Our packaging tapes keep your boxes sealed. Those of your customers too because we deliver to end users and traders.

Problem-solving case sealing tapes for end users

Does your tape break or rip? Does the tape peel off during or after application? You do not want to be con-fronted with downtime, lower profits and loss of time and money. We have been supplying quality tapes for sealing cases and boxes for 50 years already. Tapes that adhere perfectly, regardless of the cardboard type, box contents and storage and processing conditions. Tapes that keep your boxes sealed until your customer decides to open them.

Turnover-increasing case sealing tapes for retailers

As a retailer of packaging materials, you want to offer your customers a wide range. With us you have plenty of choice from a complete supply of packaging tapes. In many lengths, widths and qualities. Neutral or private label. Printed and unprinted. Most of our range of packaging tapes, after all, can be supplied from stock. We also guarantee fast delivery.

Printed tape with up to 3 colours from our own printing department

With printed tape you circulate your name, logo, URL or message. Cases and boxes are made recognisable in storage, during shipment and in production. Or you can use printed tape as a sign or warning. With our own tape printing department we are one of Europe's largest specialists in top-surface printing of tapes. We print up to a maximum of 3 colours. Fast and flexibly; after all, we have complete control of our planning.

Markets that use case sealing tapes

Packaging Coffee Pasta and rice