Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Hygiene industry

Consumers' demand for variety, comfort and ease of use is increasing. During the autumn and winter seasons, the hay fever season and the back-to-school period you launch paper tissues made of extra soft material or with a new scent. The product experience starts with a package having an eye-catching design. Or with a user-friendly package that can be reopened and resealed multiple times.

Tapes and labels that can be processed without problems

A pack of paper tissues can be sealed in two ways: with tape or with labels. We supply both solutions. Our tapes and labels can be processed without problems by all reputable tape and label applicators. Our specialist knowledge of tape and label processing and our partnership with your machine supplier guarantee the best possible automatic processing. Your production process will not be delayed.

Stability and continuity of the packaging process

Our resealable tissue tape minimises the risk of downtime and supports a stable non-stop packaging process. Your production will run non-stop at high speeds and you will produce 600 to 1000 packs a minute. A fault will quickly lead to loss of performance. You will lose time and money. Your delivery reliability will be compromised. You will want to prevent this from happening. Our consistent quality tape will support you in this.

Tapes for packs of tissues for over 20 years now

You can rely on the best combination of adhesive and carrier for your packaging. Since 1993 we have been developing and producing tissue tapes for international and national producers in the hygiene industry. We have more than 50 years experience with carrier materials and hot melt, solvent and water-based coating technologies. We are also more than familiar with the properties of film substrates. Including those of your PE film.