Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Resealing packs of tissues

Often, consumers cannot find the beginning of the tape. Poor adhesion of the tape on the PE film of tissue packs also occurs regularly. Does the tape adhere too strongly? Then adhesive residue is left behind or the packs become damaged. A shame for your brand image. If the tack is too low, customers pull the tape from the packaging. There goes your ease of use. Tissue tape solves these problems.

Ease of opening with a printed, adhesive-free zone

To promote quick opening, we add ease of opening in the shape of a 'finger lift'. This is an adhesive-free zone. Customers can lift up the non-stick part quickly with their fingers. Will you be printing the finger lift in a colour? This clearly marks the beginning of the tape for consumers.

Resealable at least 15 times while maintaining tack

A resealable pack keeps tissues clean. The low tack of tissue tape ensures 'soft peeling': the pack can be opened smoothly. The resealabilty frequency depends on the consumption pattern; the packs can be sealed at least 15 times. Our tape adheres just as strongly the 15th time.

Clean, intact packs thanks to special adhesive formula

Our unique tissue tapes have a strong initial adhesion and a low tack. In contrast to acrylic tapes, our tissue tapes adhere directly to the PE film. Because of the low tack adhesive, the tape leaves no adhesive residue and causes no damage. The packs and contents remain clean and intact.

Supporting the packaging process with tape and knowledge

Your production runs non-stop at high speeds and you produce 600 to 1000 packs a minute. A breakdown will quickly result in loss of performance. Our tissue tapes can be processed efficiently by all reputable packaging machines on the market. Is there a problem? We analyse the problem on site and give you possible solutions. We support a stable packaging process with tape and knowledge.

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