Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Packaging tape

Self-adhesive tapes for product packaging and shipping cases

Our special packaging tapes add ease of use to your product packaging and ensure packaging is attractive and distinguishable. With our case/carton sealing tape your shipping cases and packages remain securely sealed during shipment and storage. Examples:

Tape for carrying multipacks comfortably => ease of use and confidence make it easier for consumers to purchase.
Tape for easily opening packs of paper tissues => ease of use and improved hygiene.
Tape for sealing shipping cases under special conditions => assurance, security, identification and confidence.

Do you want to add value to your packaging? We listen to your preferences and actively try to find suitable solutions. We can look into your production process and conditions, review your handling methods and recommend a specific and sometimes customised tape. A tape that increases stability and continuity of production. A tape that reduces rework. A tape to offer customers convenience and certainty.