Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Landing zone tape

Landing zone tape is a single-sided tape with a PP or PET carrier and a natural or synthetic rubber adhesive. The landing zone tape on transparent bags or bubble and express envelopes forms the area on which the flap with the self-adhesive strip lands when sealing. This ensures that bags and envelopes can be easily opened. We also supply double-sided tape for sealing strips: a good alternative to hot-melt sealing.

Single-sided landing zone tape properties

  • The machine roll or reel has the correct unwinding force (PP/PET).
  • The tape will not stretch lengthwise when applied (PET).
  • The heat-resistant film carrier does not melt when the bag or envelope is sealed (PET).

Double-sided envelope sealing tape properties

  • The special adhesive will not discolour even after a long period of time.
  • The flexible tape adheres well to flat and curved substrates.
  • The backing can be provided with a finger lift as an option for extra fast removal.