Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Point-of-sale industry

The POS industry is growing rapidly. Retailers set out more point-of-sale materials more often in order to promote their products on the shop floor. Items such as temporary cardboard displays or permanent, high-quality displays. The display is the most cost-efficient marketing instrument; the ROI is several times higher than that of radio and television. Cardboard display structures are assembled and installed using double-sided tape.

Double-sided display tapes through specialised wholesalers

Do you design, produce, assemble and fill cardboard displays? Our double-sided tapes for assembling cardboard displays are available through wholesalers that specialise in materials for the retail and graphics sectors or direct from us. You benefit twice: once from your tape producer's knowledge and development capacities and again from the complete package the wholesaler offers you.

Unique assembly speed

Our tapes have a super strong (initial) tack to ensure super- fast rigidity is achieved on all display materials – printed/plain/lacquered/laminated.

Sharing knowledge and practical tests with display installers

In order to perfect our double-sided display tapes, we worked closely with large display installers and specialised wholesalers in the retail and graphics sectors. The collaboration varied from sharing knowledge to testing production. We became familiar with your industry preferences in part through them. The result? Two display tapes that passed extensive practical tests with flying colours - a strong foam and also a thin film alternative to meet all applications.