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Installing promotion displays

Materials used for cardboard displays are becoming more and more attractive. Such as laminated cardboard. But the acrylic tape that is common in the market has difficulty adhering to laminated cardboard; the tape peels off. Moreover, acrylic tape is UV, moisture and temperature resistant. These are properties that you do not need because cardboard displays are temporary, are only used for short periods of time and are not exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Synthetic rubber tape adheres faster and is up to 3 times stronger than acrylic tape

A better, more economical solution for strengthening cardboard displays is our synthetic rubber tape. The tack can be up to three times stronger when compared to acrylic tape. This applies to coated, laminated and un-treated cardboard substrates. After the initial, strong adhesion, the synthetic rubber tape reaches its peak in tack after 15 minutes. Acrylic tape needs 24 hours.

Tissue and foam tape for the installation of cardboard displays

From now on you can install all your cardboard displays using only two double-sided tapes. The SuperMount 23108 non-woven tape and the SuperMount 27101 foam tape adhere strongly on coated, laminated and un-treated cardboard. Both tapes reinforce your displays superfast and permanently. No need to ask yourself which tape you should use. Or if you have used the right tape. With these two tapes you always have the right ones.

Acrylic tape for the installation of high-quality displays

Do you produce temporary and permanent promotional displays? Or just permanent, high-quality displays? For the installation of permanent glass, metal or plastic displays, we recommend choosing our acrylic tape. Per-manent displays, after all, are exposed to UV, moisture and low and high temperatures for a longer period of time. Conditions to which acrylic tape is highly resistant.

Markets that use double-sided foam tapes

Trade fair, exhibition and events