Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Trade fair, exhibition and event sector

When assembling and dismantling stands at trade fairs, exhibitions and events, speed is of the essence. Under immense time pressure, your fitters lay carpets and carpet tiles in halls, aisles and stands. Afterwards they remove the carpet with the same speed. Good materials save labour and cleaning costs. Our strong, user-friendly, easily removed carpet tapes help lower your 'TCO'.

Importance of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) increases

The importance of TCO in your sector is increasing. The price of an individual roll of tape becomes less important while the need to lower your total costs becomes more important. The need for tapes that are easy to apply and easy to remove increases within this context. Efficient tapes that add value, save on labour time, cleaning costs and promote the reuse of tiles so that your TCO decreases.

Double-sided carpet tapes for smooth and rough substrates

Floors at trade fairs and exhibitions vary in condition and change in time. New floors are super smooth. Are they older? Then you have to work with a rougher surface. The structure of floors influence the strength of the adhesion of the tape. Which is why we have developed double-sided carpet tapes for smooth and rough substrates? The carpet tapes are part of a total range of tapes for trade fairs, exhibitions and events.

Buying directly from the producer? These are your benefits!

Field and competition tests have proven that our carpet tapes excel in ease of use and removability. If you buy your tapes for fixing carpet (tiles) from us directly? Then you benefit from:

• A consistent product quality;
• Many years of specialist adhesive know-how;
• Interesting price/quality ratio;
• Great flexibility in volumes and sizes.