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Carrying ease

Carrying handles on multipacks of mineral water, soft drinks, fruit juices or dairy products can break. Because of, for example, weak adhesion or long exposure to UV light. Sharp, protruding inserts can cause injuries. Poor carrying handle tapes can contaminate blades and pressure rollers and stop production. You can avoid this risk by using SuperCarry. With SuperCarry, you and your customers have safe, comfortable and efficient carrying handles.

SuperCarry versus SuperCarry Integrated

SuperCarry Integrated is a carrying handle tape with integrated paper, cardboard or foam inserts. You, therefore, do not have to laminate the inserts yourself; we will do this for you. When compared to SuperCarry where you add the individual inserts in your production process on the tape, SuperCarry Integrated offers you the following:

• Increased machine output (less downtime);
• More accurate positioning of the inserts;
• No injuries due to sharp edges;
• A more attractive carrying handle;
• One address for your total carrying handle (tape and paper/cardboard/foam).

UV-resistant carrying handle tape for outdoor storage

Is your business established in Africa, Southern Europe or another hot continent? And do you often store multipacks outdoors for more than 6 weeks? The exposure to direct UV and sunlight negatively affects the adhesion of tape to PE film. The UV-resistant SuperCarry version defies light and heat and retains its strong tack.

SuperCarry for pre-shrink and post-shrink production

SuperCarry (Integrated) carrying handles are suitable for post-shrink production processes: the handles are added to the multipacks after shrinking. Do you add the handles to the film before shrinking? The PET carrier and special adhesive of SuperCarry Pre-Shrink resist heat perfectly in shrink tunnels.

Markets that use carrying handle tapes