Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Beverage industry

You regularly launch new flavours, portion sizes and/or packaging. You take into account the retailers' aim of higher revenue for each cash register transaction. Consumers want ease of use and carrying comfort. You find it essential that you produce efficiently. You will meet all three conditions when you opt for multipacks or bulk packaging with SuperCarry self-adhesive carry handles.

Fluctuating volume demands and varying product needs

Your sales volume depends on the weather and season. Your volumes fluctuate and your product needs vary considerably. You need a partner who is on standby. Who produces when required. Is there a sudden increase in demand? Then you can have multipacks with carry handles immediately. Due to our practical size, we can be flexible and fulfil small and large orders quickly.

Quick, mechanical processing and extra-long production runs

All reputable packaging machines on the market have been processing our carry handle tape for many years with consistent quality and high efficiency. The high initial tack ensures fast, effortless application on shrink film. Without contamination of blades or tape adherence to the drive rollers. In combination with reels of up to 40,000 handles, you are guaranteed flawless processing and long, efficient production runs.

Leading in carry handle tape for brand names and private labels

Billions of litres of water, soft drinks, fruit juices and dairy products are sold annually in Europe. Especially people living in warm countries buy multipacks. We have developed various solutions such as SuperCarry Integrated and Pre-Shrink during the past 25 years. We produce several million carry handles every year for brand owners and contract packers - we have a leading position worldwide.