Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Resealing bread bags

Bag sealing tape is added manually at the shop or mechanically during the production process. Bread bags with a weak tape seal may open immediately or after some time. It is possible the tape only sticks partially or the bags have not been pulled tight enough. Sometimes the quality of the print is below par; the date data and tracing codes are barely legible or positioned incorrectly. With SuperSeal you keep bags shut longer, bread fresh longer and customers happy.

Adhesive-free zone for ease of opening

You will make it easier for your customers when your bread bags are easy to open. We create adhesive free areas or finger lifts by neutralising parts of the adhesive. The bread bags can be opened quickly, safely and easily by hand through these non-adhesive areas. Without using a knife or scissors.

The secret of SuperSeal resealable tape

The adhesive is what is special with regard to our resealable tape: developed and produced in-house. The first adhesion of the tape, the tack, is strong; the bags will be perfectly sealed immediately. The tack is also perfectly balanced. Your customers can open the bags 10 to 15 times faster and can reseal them tightly just as many times.

Colour and print strengthen the image

SuperSeal will highlight the quality of your bread with its opaque yellow colour and sharp print. Silver- and gold-coloured tapes give luxury premium bread bags an additional attractive image. Any colour can be printed through thermal transfer with a clearly legible origin code and best before date.

Efficient coil-wound rolls with additional lengths

With tapes of a constant quality, long length rolls and perfect automatic processing, we contribute to the stability and efficiency in your production. An intense collaboration with your machine supplier, such as Burford, is indispensable to offer full support.

Markets that use reclosable bag sealing tapes