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Strapping boxes and pallets

During storage and (internal) transport, the protection of products has priority. Safely packed in boxes. Se-curely stacked on pallets. In practice, sometimes things go differently. Unstable pallets are moved internally. Postal and courier shipments are treated roughly. Products become damaged. Our strapping tapes prevent this; they provide stability and protect your products, boxes, packaging and pallets.

Exceedingly strong and tensile resistant because of glass fabric fibres

Strapping tape is almost 5 times stronger than a normal PP tape with a comparable thickness. The tapes have been strengthened with durable, glass fabric fibres: crosswise or lengthwise. This is what gives crosswise and lengthwise strapping tapes their great tensile strength. Our strapping tape for strapping pallets has low tack so your cases and boxes are not damaged when it is removed.

Various applications for strapping tapes

You can use strapping tapes for:

  • Bundling unpacked products;
  • Closing heavy, weak or overfilled boxes;
  • Repairing or strengthening packaging;
  • Strapping and stabilising pallets.

Applying tape with a practical tape dispenser

You can apply crosswise or lengthwise strapping tapes by hand, but it is easier if you use a tape dispenser. You should position the dispenser at the starting point, roll the tape over the box or around the pallet, slit it and press it on. Fast and simple. Check out our range of tape dispensers.

Markets that use strapping tapes


Packaging Coffee  Pasta and rice