Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Coffee-roasting houses

The demand for coffee is growing worldwide. Countries without a coffee culture are rapidly developing one under the influence of smart marketing by large coffee companies. The number of coffee bars and luxury coffee variations is growing. Most coffee, however, is consumed at home and at the office. The packaging and tape seal play an important role in preserving the taste, colour and smell of (ground) coffee.

The need for resealable, flexible packaging is growing

Many products have been available for many years in packs with a cap or lid that can be closed again. Studies have shown that consumers' demand for resealable/realisable packs is ^ increasing strongly. Especially the demand for flexible resealable/realisable packaging. This trend is due to the consumers' need for increased ease of use, better health and less packaging waste.

Tape seal for ease of use and quality preservation

Your coffee packaging must be attractive and functional. It must have a distinguishing appearance that appeals to your target group. At the same time, you want packaging with the correct light, moisture, oxygen and/or temperature barrier characteristics to ensure that the loss of aroma, colour and flavour is prevented. A resealable tape contributes to the ease of use and the preservation of your quality product.

Reliable mechanical tape processing

A resealable tape must be user-friendly and you must be able to mechanically process it without problems. You produce at high speeds and loss of performance is not an option. That takes up too much time and money. Using our long length rolls results in fewer reel changes and less downtime. Our working partnership with your machine supplier also contributes to cost effective tape processing.