Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Closing cans and containers

Do your containers of sweets or tins of cake not close properly? Then it is possible that the consumer will ignore them. Why did the tape let go? Doesn't it adhere properly? Has the packaging been opened at an earlier time? Consumers also find it inconvenient (and a futile exercise) to try and find the beginning of the tape. The trust consumers have in your product declines because some of your packaging is not right. You will make packs 100% complete with a robust seal and easy opening by using our finger lift tape.

Speed and ease of opening

A pack that is difficult to open forces consumers to use a knife or scissors. You can save customers time and trouble by adding ease of opening to your tape seal and packaging. By applying adhesive only partially to the finger lift tape, adhesive-free zones are created. Consumers are able to loosen the tape quickly and easily thanks to these non-adhesive 'finger lifts'. Without leaving adhesive residue or the product being damaged so decorative tins can be reused for storage.

Protective and eye-catching tape seal

Your round, square, rectangular or specially shaped pack must offer protection and attract the attention of the consumer. This requires a reliable, eye-catching tape. On the basis of your packaging material, we can recom-mend the tape that will give the best adhesion and performance. You can have text printed on the tape. This makes your packaging more attractive and gives it more communication power. A printed finger lift marks the start of the tape.

Stability and continuity of the packaging process

Our finger lift tape minimises the risk of downtime and supports a stable, non-stop packaging process. Your production runs non-stop at high speeds. A fault will quickly lead to loss of performance. You will lose time and money. Your delivery reliability will be compromised. You will want to prevent this from happening. Our consis-tent quality tape on coil-wound rolls will support you in this: fewer changes and, therefore, fewer downtimes.

Markets that use case sealing tapes