Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Confectionery industry

As a producer of cakes, pastry, chocolate and/or confectionery, you package your products using various packaging solutions. Basic packaging, portion packaging, luxurious gift packaging or festive seasonal packs for consumers. Bulk and wholesale packaging for wholesalers. In addition to resealable tapes for your flexible packaging, we also supply finger lift tape that peels off easily to open containers and cans.

Ease of packaging opening stimulates purchasing behaviour

On average, consumers open 7 packs a day. Their biggest nuisance is in the opening and closing of these packs. They do not know how to do it. The packs break and end up in the dustbin. Product information and brand identity are lost. The probability of a repeat purchase decreases. As the population is steadily ageing, the demand of easy to open packs increases. Greater ease of use stimulates purchasing behaviour.

Efficient long length rolls for long production runs

The downtime of your high-speed lines leads to unpleasant consequences. Lower efficiency clearly shows in your production results. We can help you achieve your machine targets with tape of a consistent quality, extra-long roll lengths and flawless mechanical processing. Our working partnership with your machine supplier also contributes to cost effective tape processing.