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Strengthening cardboard

The cardboard industry uses a large amount of recycled paper for the production of solid and corrugated cardboard. This influences the quality of cardboard packaging. Does the packaging for your product and shipment (local) need extra stability? For example, as protection against tearing because of its weight while being carried? Strengthen your packaging with tape: the economical alternative to a higher or moisture-resistant quality of cardboard.

Strengthening cardboard shipping boxes

Sometimes your shipping boxes take a beating. For example, when the box contents are cans with sharp edges. We protect the box by strengthening the cardboard with a strip of tape around the entire circumference at the height of the seam of the cans. This means you do not need to purchase heavier quality cardboard; you simply add local reinforcement only where it's required to your shipping boxes with a more cost efficient tape.

Strengthening cardboard product packaging

Mutlipacks of bottled beer are often packed in cardboard packaging. The cardboard may absorb condensation from the bottles. Rather than purchasing expensive, moisture-resistant cardboard, you could opt for a normal quality of cardboard that is reinforced with tape. This will lead to considerable savings. Our cardboard reinforcement tape can be machine processed easily by all reputable tape applicators on the market.

Mechanical application cardboard-reinforcement tape

The mechanical application of cardboard-reinforcement tape must comply with at least one requirement: the extra action must not curb the speed of the production process. This requires a high and consistent quality of tape and extra-long rolls. With tape reels of 5,000 or 7,500 metres, the number of times you must stop the machine to change spent rolls is minimised. In this way you can continue to produce at the highest possible speed.

Markets that use Reinforcing cardboard tapes

Packaging Beverage