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Resealing packs of coffee

Moisture and air affect the taste and the aroma of (ground) coffee. They trigger a chemical process of decomposition and conversion: aroma substances oxidise and extract coffee ingredients. A package with a good barrier and a good seal protects your coffee. Our resealable, food-safe tapes ensure you can keep your packs of coffee longer and they remain fragrant and flavourful for longer.

Film coffee packaging determines the required tack

The packaging film of your coffee pack determines which resealable tape is the right one for you. We developed tapes with various tacks for various substrates such as PP and PET. Are you changing your packaging? Call us! The effect on the quality of tape adhesion can be significant.

Single or double tape seal for extra resealability

The consumption pattern of coffee varies greatly. Usually, a pack is not used all at once. With a single tape seal, the consumer can open and reseal the pack at least 15 times. Quickly and smoothly while maintaining the tack on the tape. With a double tape seal, you increase the resealabilty frequency considerably.

Adhesive-free zone for ease of opening

You make it easier for your customers by adding ease of opening to packaging. With zone coating we create a user-friendly 'finger lift'. Parts of the tape are free from adhesive. Your packs can be opened easily and safely because of these non-stick finger lifts. Without using a knife or scissors.

Markets that use resealable tapes

Coffee Pasta and rice