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Resealing packs of pasta/rice

Consumers want to be able to reseal packs of pasta and rice. Past experience has shown that the resealing technique is not reliable enough. The label does not adhere properly and the pack opens unintentionally. When opening, the pack rips or adhesive residue remains behind. The trick is to find the right balance between opening the packs easily and closing them securely. That balance can be found in our resealable tapes.

Customised resealable tapes

We have developed a broad range of resealable tapes for reopening and resealing packs. The following factors will determine which tape works best for your pasta and rice packs:

• Your packaging material;
• The required degree of ease of use;
• The consumption pattern of the consumer;
• The type of tape applicator;
• Your production and processing conditions.

Resealability contributes to retaining your product image

Packs that are easy to open and reseal contribute to a great product image. Because of the ease of use and because customers can store your product in the original brand packaging. The rice or pasta does not have to be repacked after opening. You have developed a special, protective packaging for your product. A shame if consumers throw it away immediately. Resealability prevents this.

Experience and reality of resealability are equally important

With our tapes, your packaging can be resealed at least 15 times. This is possible even more often with a double seal. Always quickly and smoothly while maintaining tack. And thanks to the adhesive-free zone or 'finger lift', opening is just as easy. For long-life products such as pasta and rice, the perception of resealabilty plays as large a role as the resealabilty of fresh products.

Markets that use resealable tapes

Coffee Pasta and rice