Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Fixing of cables

At trade fairs and exhibitions, sports and musical events, and theatre and television productions, there is often a tangle of light and sound cables. Chaotic loose cables and wires can cause dangerous situations. This is why they are temporarily and safely bundled and fixed to the floor or walls with self-adhesive tape. There is plenty of choice from Supertape's various qualities of cloth and duct tapes.

Matt finish and hand tearable

The most used tape for bundling and fixing cables and wiring is cloth tape, which is also referred to as gaffer tape. Gaffer tape is so named because of the "gaffer" who is the person responsible for lighting and electrics on a film set. Gaffers prefer to work with matt/non reflective, hand tearable tape. Especially for the fixing of cables during trade fairs and events we offer the 580M cloth tape:

  • Matt black, does not reflect light;
  • Can be torn by hand lengthwise and widthwise;
  • Can be removed cleanly from platforms and cables.

Markets that use duct and cloth tapes

Trade fair, exhibition and events DIY Building and construction