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Fixing of carpet (tiles)

At exhibitions and events your decorators lay carpets and carpet tiles under immense time pressure. Delays occur regularly. For example, if the tape breaks or the backing tears. When adhesive or fabric residue remains on the floor. Or if the tape adheres too strongly causing damage to the carpet tiles and where reusing them is no longer possible. Field and competition tests have shown that our carpet tapes excel in ease of use and removability.

Double-sided carpet tapes that save you up to 25% labour time

With Supertape's double-sided carpet tapes your contractors work up to 25% faster:

  • Some Supertape carpet tapes resist tearing/rupturing; the tape can be applied over great lengths.
  • Some Supertape carpet tapes are hand tearable; a knife/scissors is not necessary.

Saving cleaning costs because of easy removability

With our double-sided carpet tapes, you keep your carpet tiles and the floor clean:

  • The tape has good tensile strength and can be removed in one go in its entirety.
  • The tape is easily removable.
  • The tape leaves carpet tiles intact; you can reuse the tiles immediately.

Complete range of tapes for trade fairs and exhibitions

With our complete package of exhibition tapes from our own production, you will always have the right tape on hand: carpet tapes for smooth and rough floors, duct tapes, cloth tapes, masking tapes and protective film. For example, laying carpets, fixing cables and protective film and hanging posters.

Markets that use double-sided carpet tapes

Trade fair event