Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Sheet and profile section industry

You produce wooden sections or plastic extrusion in thousands of shapes, colours and sizes. From price rails for supermarkets to sections for stair treads. From plinths to decorative frames. You deliver them to the construction, transport, shop fitting and electrical sector to name but a few. In small and large volumes. At the request of your customers, you make the sheets and sections self-adhesive.

Double-sided foam, film and fabric tapes for sheets and sections

Self-adhesive sheets and sections with a weak adhesive layer sag, shift and/or let loose after a while. This leads to irritation and loss of time and money. Our double-sided tapes are tried and tested tapes within your sector. We advise a solvent acrylic plastic adhesive tape or a synthetic rubber tape on the basis of the criteria below. This last tape has a stronger initial tack and adheres perfectly at low temperatures.

UV-resistance: Will the products be applied inside or outside?
Temperature range: Will the sheets and sections be exposed to (extreme) cold and/or heat?
Shear adhesion: In which position will the sheets and sections be installed?
Adhesive layer and tape thickness: Will the sheets be fixed to a smooth or rough substrate?

Strong in long length spools and small production runs

Your tape requirements can vary greatly. One time you need a small volume while at other times a large amount. Due to our medium size we can quickly and flexibly produce small and large runs of machine rolls or reels. With or without finger lift. You produce at a high pace. With extra-long reels, fewer reel exchanges are required, therefore, there will be fewer downtimes. This will guarantee that you can continue producing at the maximum speed.