Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Protecting floors

Floors in houses, buildings and at trade fair stands take a beating during painting, decorating and maintenance activities. They are exposed to paint and dirt. They get scratched, torn and suffer wear and tear. As a professional, you must treat the property of others with respect. For this reason you protect the floors quickly and carefully with, among other things, protective film and protection PE-coated cardboard. For safety reasons, you must tape down edges with cloth and/or duct tape.

Protective anti-slip film with a tape edge (SpeedyMask)

The SpeedyMask Walk-On consists of an unfolding, green film with an integrated cloth tape strip to secure the film. The sturdy protective film protects floors and stairs quickly and efficiently. For safety reasons, SpeedyMask Walk-On has undergone an anti-slip treatment. The film is suitable for indoor and outdoor use and for smooth and rough floors it can be easily removed within/up to 3 weeks. Your floors remain clean and intact.

Fixing of protective film and protection PE-coated cardboard with tape

Loose protective film, protection PE-coated cardboard and other covering materials can cause perilous situa-tions at the workplace. People could trip over them or slip. This is why, from a safety point of view, the edges of plastic and cardboard covering materials should be fixed with a strong self-adhesive tape that has a good (initial) tack. Such as duct tape or cloth tape.

Markets that use protection films

Exhibition Painters Building and construction