Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Asbestos removal sector

As a specialised supplier of asbestos removal equipment and consumables, you need to be familiar with the legislation concerning controlled removal of asbestos from objects and buildings. Tape is used right from the construction of airtight containers to the disposal of asbestos waste in hermetically sealed packaging. The tape prevents asbestos dust from getting into holes, crevices and escaping the controlled working area.

Fast and immediate delivery of asbestos removal tapes

Your customers may suddenly receive an order for the urgent removal of asbestos from hazardous projects. They need large amounts of duct tape quickly. More than you have in stock. You do not want to disappoint your customers. You need a partner who can send you a supply immediately. As a producer of duct tapes, this is not a problem for us. You can count on us, just as your customers can count on you.

Exceedingly strong tack when cold and also on stone and concrete

Tape and cold make uncomfortable partners. Our all-weather duct tapes are the exception to this. With their unique and excellent tack, they adhere effortlessly in low to extremely low temperatures. Your core activity is the rental and sale of equipment; tape is simply a service product. You do not want any problems with tape. Our duct tapes are guaranteed to do their work. Without a fuss.

Our asbestos removal tapes are ideal for:

• Building containment areas (airtight spaces);
• Applying marking (duct tape with asbestos logo);
• Fixing a protective film;
• Taping off, for example, beams, cable ducts and doorways;
• Hermetically sealing waste bags filled with asbestos debris;
• Airtight packaging of asbestos material.