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Industrial tape

Technical tapes to increase production efficiency or improve a handling process

Production and processing processes can often benefit from single or double-sided tapes. Tapes that fix, secure, reinforce and/or can be easily removed. Our problem-solving industrial tapes contribute to a faster, cleaner, simpler and more cost efficient production process. Examples:

Tape for installing/erecting cardboard displays => faster assembly and improved adhesion.
Tape for fixing carpets => lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).
Tape for temporary adhesion of wood components => increased production efficiency and fewer failures

Do you want to find out how tape can support or increase your process efficiency? We listen to your preferences and needs to actively find suitable cost effective solutions. We will look into your production process and production conditions, review your handling process and recommend a customised tape. A tape to increase your output, improve your end product and save on costs and/or labour time.