Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Mounting tape

Our mounting tape range for DIY and construction always offers the right tape for those applications where two surfaces must be bonded to each other. It can, for example, be used for fastening mirrors, plastic profiles and EPDM profiles on polar or non-polar

Our double-sided mounting tape range is extensive and strong. Ranging from general budget qualities to heavy-duty professional tapes for specific applications. From thin transparent tapes to thick foam tapes for gaps and substrates with irregularities. Depending on the application and the required positioning, we will recommend using a double-sided mounting tape with:

  • Permanent or temporary adherence (removable)
  • A high or not high initial tack
  • Foam, film, fabric or non-woven carrier material
  • A paper or plastic (that may or may not be printed) liner
  • With or without the hand tearability property