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Fixing of poster materials

A trade fair stand must communicate clearly what the company is and what it does. The stand should make visitors curious. In addition to digital media, much use is made of offline communication resources. Large numbers of photos, posters and prints are fixed to the trade fair's walls. Nails and screws are not permitted; the walls must remain clean and intact.

Foam tape that can be removed cleanly

Our 0.8 mm thick SuperMount 27113 foam tape is ideal for fixing photos, posters and prints on (latex) trade fair walls. The reinforced foam tape is easy to remove from smooth substrates, such as PVC, FOREX boards and plastic system walls. SuperMount 27113, therefore, meets the requirement of leaving system walls intact after the fair. Without damage or adhesive residue.

High tack and shear adhesion

The foam carrier of the SuperMount 27113 tape is coated with a special rubber adhesive. It has two strong properties. The adhesive has a high shear adhesion. A strong bond is, therefore, established with the wall. The high shear adhesion of the foam tape prevents photos, posters and prints from shifting and/or sagging at a later time.

Markets that use double-sided foam tapes

Trade fair, exhibition and events