Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Furniture and woodworking industry

During the production of furniture and frames you cut wood. Next, you can bend them into the correct shape. In order to prevent wood from returning to its original state, you can use Super-V. Temporarily fastening wooden sections with tape makes it stay in its new shape. After glueing the wooden sections, the tape can be removed without any adhesive residue being left behind. SuperWood also offers protection during shipment.

Long length rolls of Super-V increase efficiency

Super-V has a strong and flexible MOPP (mono-orientated polypropylene) carrier, constant delivery speed and high initial tack. Properties that lead to a production process that is fault-free at a high speed. For an extra high production efficiency choose super long rolls with a length of up to 8,000 metres. You will not have to change these reels as often. Your production will have less downtime and your performance will increase.

Custom-made tapes for specialised wood production

A specialised production process requires specialised tape. Do you need a thick tape to fill the grooves in the wood? A white adhesive or a blue carrier so that photoelectric cells can detect the tape easily? Do you want the tape with two different types of adhesive? We will select the Super-V that best fits with your production process and conditions from our many solutions.

SuperWood: Protection of wood during shipment and storage

SuperWood is an exceedingly strong polyester tape with a light-resistant, low tack adhesive layer. The tape adheres well to most painted, unpainted and impregnated wooden surfaces. Its function is to protect wooden materials, furniture and frames against dirt and damage during shipment and storage. When removing the tape, the surface remains intact and clean with no adhesive residue.