Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

About Supertape

Tape: it's in our DNA. We live and breathe tape. We come up with creative solutions. We produce millions of square metres per year. And deliver reliable links to our customers. Links that have formed the basis for long-term, pleasant relationships with end users and distributors since 1962. With more than 200 employees in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland and the UK, we have built up (leading) positions in 20 markets and more than 40 countries. Supertape, reliably linked!

Problem-solving tapes for professional and industrial users

Are you a professional or industrial user? Are you envisaging a faster, cleaner or more cost effective production or processing process? Would you like to improve, strengthen or protect your product or packaging? With the Supertape self-adhesive range of tapes you will solve your problems or add value to your product or process. From resealabilty to ease of opening. From personal safety to product and surface protection. From production stability to savings on application time and improved cost efficiency.

Sales-increasing tape ranges for distributors and wholesalers

Are you a specialised distributor or wholesaler in packaging materials, do-it-yourself items or professional building materials? Your success will then depend on a complete and attractive range. As a tape producer and private label expert, we are the driving force behind the tape ranges of many (international) brands. We offer a profitable range of private label tapes with distinctive product properties: "A tape range that sells!".

Coating, slitting and printing quickly, flexibly and efficiently

The tape world is a dynamic one. New raw materials, technologies and market developments prompt us to produce better tapes. To refine our service. This demands flexible and versatile production facilities. We can produce any required quantity with modern adhesive, coating, slitting and printing technologies: ranging from small runs to large volumes. We coat, slit, perforate, punch, reel and wind in various formats. We process tape to produce labels, hand rolls, machine rolls, long length spools and reels for the most diverse of applications.