Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

EPDM tape

For laminating, splicing and mounting EPDM rubber, we offer a range of double-sided tapes with a film or fabric carrier, film or paper aluminium foil, a filler adhesive and high adhesive power. Our EPDM tapes are moisture resistant and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. The tapes adhere extremely strongly to various substrates such as wood, metal and concrete and to most EPDM rubber qualities regardless of whether it involves thin or thick or narrow or wide material.

EPDM tapes can be used for applications in industry and construction such as:

  • To connect loose EPDM film pieces.
  • To finish sealed seams watertight.
  • To temporarily install flange seals.
  • To seal roof angles and roof glands.
  • To make skirting boards and weather strips self-adhesive.

Your tape requirement can vary greatly. Due to our scale, we are fast and flexible in producing small and large volumes of hand rolls, reels, log rolls and punched sections. Reels with an extra length ensure fewer roll changes and production downtime. This guarantees you continue producing at maximum speed.