Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Profile tape

Do you produce wooden, metal, magnetic or plastic profiles and do you laminate them in-line using tape? Self-adhesive profiles with a weak adhesive layer will fall off, shear or stop adhering in due course. This leads to loss of time and money. Our double-sided foam tapes, double-sided film tapes and doublesided fabric tapes for making profiles self-adhesive are tried-and-tested tapes in your sector. We will gladly provide advice about a profile tape based on the required or preferred:

  • UV-resistance (are the profiles going to be used indoors or outdoors?)
  • Temperature range (will the profiles be exposed to heat or cold?)
  • Shear adhesion (in which position are the profiles attached?)
  • Adhesive layer/tape thickness (is the adhesion surface of the profiles rough or smooth?)

We have a wide range of double-sided tapes. The diversity of the liner qualities, including for plastic and paper, are also extensive. The tapes and liners can be easily cut once applied to the profiles. The tapes can have a finger lift for the quick removal of the liner.

Your tape requirement can vary greatly. Due to our scale, we are fast and flexible in producing small and large volumes of machine rolls or reels. Reels with an extra length ensure fewer roll changes and production downtime. This guarantees that you can continue to produce at the maximum speed.