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Woodworking tape

Our Super-V woodworking tapes support the production of wooden furniture and frames. You can glue wooden sections temporarily with a special tape during this expert process. A tape that can be flawlessly processed and detected technically. A tape that adheres appropriately to different uncoated and coated substrates and does not leave adhesive residue behind when removed. You will find these tapes here. In addition to Super-V, we also have SuperWood. This strong PET tape will protect your wooden materials during shipment and storage.

Our woodworkingtapes

  • Super-V 8300

    Super-V 8300

    Reinforcing, transparent MOPP tape with a natural rubber adhesive. Supplied on coil wound rolls with extra-long lengths.

  • Super-V 9500

    Super-V 9500

    Reinforcing, UV-resistant, blue MOPP tape with a synthetic rubber adhesive. Supplied on flat and coil-wound machine rolls.

  • SuperWood


    Super strong PET tape with a UV-resistant, low-tack adhesive layer to protect wooden material during shipment.