Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Design tape for corrugated cardboard

Are you considering making your cardboard shipping packaging more comfortable for consumers such as for e-commerce objectives? Our custom tapes for the corrugated cardboard industry add a user friendly (double) tape seal and/or easy-opening property to corrugated cardboard. Our range also includes custom tapes for reinforcing, for example, punched holes or handles in cardboard product packaging.

Our design tapes promote a reliable product process due to their fast and timely delivery and stable performance. Without disruptions and without production downtimes. Therefore, with a minimum risk of failure and maximum product output. Regardless of your running speed, we will recommend a tailor-made tape after examining your tape application, in-line applicator and machine processing.


Sealing shipment packaging

When your boxes are robustly tape sealed, you are assured safe transport and professional look. Can be expanded to include a finger lift tape for easy-opening and/or double tape seal for easy return shipments.

Opening shipment packaging

Self-adhesive tear strips speed up and simplify opening shipping boxes (for example, in e-commerce). They increase user friendliness for the consumer. Tear strips adhere well to various cardboard qualities.

Reinforcing product packaging

Custom tapes reinforce your packaging solutions at critical places such as just above punched holes and handles. They protect packs against damage due to the content and against being torn while being carried.