Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Packaging & mailing

Millions of boxes, parcels and envelopes are dispatched in the Nationally on a daily basis. By mail, courier service or transport companies. The safe shipment of your products, goods and documents starts with the use of sound, protective packaging materials. We specialise in reliable tape seals. We have been delivering packaging tapes to end users and wholesalers since 1962.

Broad supply of case sealing tapes for end users and trades people

Boxes provide protection during shipment and storage, provided that they can be securely closed with good case sealing tape. Are you an end user? Here you will find problem-solving industrial tapes for overfilled boxes and for use in dusty packaging conditions. Are you a trader? You can select from many tape qualities. Printed and unprinted. Neutral or private label. Most case sealing tapes can be supplied from stock.

Closing strip and landing zone tapes for envelope producers

The personal, confidential or valuable contents of an express or bubble envelope are only intended for the eyes of the addressee. A reliable seal is an absolute prerequisite. Are you looking for a clean, safe alternative to your current hot melt solution? Why not consider using tape. Our range includes different double-sided sealing strips and single-sided landing zone tapes.