Self-adhesive tape manufacturer


Superieur Verpakkingen started trading in the 1930s producing gummed paper tape. This tape only stuck after it had been moistened. A new material made its entrance on the stage in the 1950s: self-adhesive, plastic tape. Superieur Verpakkingen anticipates the opportunities and converts its gummed paper division into an independent tape company. Industrie van Zelfklevende Materialen Supertape NV is established on 26 March 1962, one of the first European factories producing self-adhesive PVC packaging tape.

1960 - 1970: Successful cathode-ray tube tape and takeover by Schut Superieur

We developed implosion safety tapes together with a large electronics producer to increase the safety of cathode-ray tubes in 1968. These CRT (cathode-ray tube) tapes used in televisions are our first technical tapes and became a great success worldwide. We dominated the market for 35 years and have made more than 500 million TVs safe. Schut Superieur based in Eerbeek, which later became Koninklijke Schut, took over Supertape in 1970.

1970 - 1980: The purchase of a second coating line and machine factory

The industry started to demand a more cost-efficient packaging tape than PVC tape; PP tape was launched in 1975. We invested in a 2nd solvent coating line to meet price and volume requirements. We bought Floraco Machinefabriek, which later became Supertape Systems, producer of tape-processing machines, in 1980. We introduced the total concept of "materials and machines from one place".

1980 - 1990: Our Special function tapes conquer the packaging sector

Customers set the strict requirements that packaging tapes must meet for heavy-duty applications in the 1980s including sealing recycled cases and cases with hot and cold contents. We developed the unique SuperTherm, SuperCool, SuperTack and SuperNova and grew to become the absolute market leader. From this point, our name is firmly established amongst leading brand producers as the leading packing tape expert.

1990 - 1995: A significant shift in the existence of Supertape

The solvent coater exploded on 23 August 1990. We decide to start using hot-melt coating instead and replace the solvent adhesive lines with hot-melt adhesive production lines. Since not everything could be converted, we took over the SIV tape factory in 1992 (Supertape France). We celebrated our reopening on 20 March 1992. The market receives our environmentally-friendly hot-melt tapes with enthusiasm. We launched Supertape UK in 1992 and Supertape Deutschland in 1995.

1995 - 2010: From bulk tapes to tapes with added value

As of 1995, our focus is on tapes with added value: industrial tapes, special packaging tapes and DIY and consumer tapes. We start a subsidiary in Poland in 1996. We have been a part of Ray Technology Group (RTG) since 1997 to strengthen our position in the DIY and consumer market. The takeover of TMtape in 1999 further strengthens our position in the DIY market.

The distribution of DIY tapes and consumer concepts is in the hands of a leading brand partner. The European launch of duct tapes with a synthetic rubber adhesive is a great success. We stop producing consumer tape in 2007 and RTG is closed. At the same time, we start with the expansion of our DIY, construction and industrial tape ranges from our own production. We decided to split our production and trading activities in 2008. Supertape Packaging is in charge of trading/packaging tape activities from this moment in time.

2010 to the present: Supertape becomes ISO 22000 certified

We became ISO 22000 certified in 2012. We are one of a few European tape producers that can produce food safe products.