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Food-safe resealable tape

Your customers appreciate the value of pack resealabilty. They prefer resealable food packaging more than non-resealable because it’s more convenient, environmentally friendlier and healthier. You must however have a reliable resealable feature. Packaging that can be opened quickly and resealed robustly. As an adhesive specialist and tape producer, we understand the art of resealing at its best. A pack with Supertape EasySeal is user friendly, extends product freshness, stimulates the consumption of smaller portions and prevents food waste.

The 6 benefits of using EasySeal resealable tape

Below you will find the 6 resealable tape solutions that we developed for resealing product packaging. Each solution offers the following 6 advantages:

1. Longer freshness and quality
2. Easy to open product packaging
3. Tape with the power to communicate
4. 100% food-safe produced
5. Environmentally friendly and less food waste 
6. Flawless machinability

The perfect resealable tape for your packaging

After choosing the best resealabe tape concept for your product packaging, we select a type and thickness of carrier and one of our many adhesive formulas, then combine them to make the perfect tape seal. In a single or double version. A neutral or private label. Resealable tape is available on machine rolls or as punched labels. In every shape and size. The composition of a resealable tape is determined by:

  • Substrate tension of the packaging material
  • The required degree of ease of opening
  • The required resealability frequency
  • The type of tape-processing equipment you use
  • Your production and processing conditions

Interested in a resealable product packaging?

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