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Carrying handle tape

Carry handle tape for lifting multipacks is available in two versions: SuperCarry and SuperCarry Integrated. Is SuperCarry your choice? Then you buy the tape and the paper or cardboard inserts separately. The tape and the inserts will subsequently be merged into carry handles during your production process.

SuperCarry Integrated benefits

With SuperCarry Integrated, a higher machine output and more beautiful and safer handles will be guaranteed. We will have integrated and positioned the paper or cardboard inserts accurately during the tape production process. You receive from us reels with ready-to-use carrying handles.

Also available as a mono version

SuperCarry can also be supplied as a mono version. In this version, the carry handle consists of a PE tape and a printed neutralised PE carrier handle. By combining it with the PE shrink film, mono packaging is created and a recycling process is achieved that is as clean as possible.

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