Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

DIY sector

The strengths of DIY chains are the expert advice, immediate product availability and assessment and also the presence of related products. And yet, as a brand owner or central purchasing organisation, you see DIY chains fighting for sales. They often offer articles that do not belong within their sector. They increase the share of distinctive or private label products in their ranges. You will add to their ammunition with distinctive or private label tapes.

Tape producer behind well-known and lesser known brands

Our wide range of tapes allow you to limit the number of suppliers. We specialise in tapes from our own production such as duct tape, double-sided tape and protective film. As a tape producer, we are the driving force behind the well-known and lesser known brands. You will find:

• One address for all your DIY tapes;
• Various price/quality levels;
• Brand and private label packs;
• Fast, prompt and flexible deliveries;
• Unique and distinctive DIY tapes;
• Purchase complete solutions.

Options for distinctive packaging

Do you outsource your packaging? Allow us to package your DIY tapes in a suitable packaging such as a cuff, sleeve or shrink wrapping. With or without a Euro hole. In neutral packaging or displaying your own brand. Would you like to stand out? Then choose, for example, a shrink wrap with a carrying handle. There are countless possibilities; the choice is up to you. We package your tapes with the greatest of care.