Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Envelope sector

When applying a hot melt strip on express and bubble envelopes, the hot glue can cause obstructions and faults on the machine. Or the film substrate may melt away. This slows down the production process and causes damage to your envelopes. Do you have problems with your closing strip? Double-sided tape is a clean and safe alternative. We also supply single-sided landing zone tape. Made of PP or PET.

Double-sided closing strip and single-sided landing zone tape

A critical component of the product process is making express and bubble envelopes self-adhesive. Double-sided tape is a clean and safe alternative to hot melt adhesive with backing. We have also been supplying landing zone tape for years now. Based on a PP of PET carrier and one of our many adhesive technologies. Our landing zone tapes meet the requirements you set with regard to this tape such as:

• The tape does not stretch lengthwise (PET).
• The machine roll or reel has the correct unwinding force (PP/PET).
• The heat-resistant film carrier does not melt when sealing the envelope (PET).

Available on machine rolls or broad coil-wound rolls

You produce at high speed. Is your production below the machine speed or efficiency target? If so, you lose time and money. Our envelope tape supports a stable and efficient production process. With a minimum of breakdowns, roll changes and downtimes. This is partly due to our partnership with the supplier of your tape applicator and the long length tape rolls. The extra length promotes a continuous process.