Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Glass industry sector

New or replacement windows for house or commercial construction consist of PVC extrusion profiles and heavy glass panels. The glass panels are often subject to extreme (temperature) conditions. Your glaziers and glass panels need careful protection against physical injury and material damage. A strong duct tape on the sharp edges of the panels provides effective protection and is cost efficient.

Possible consequences of the use of poor quality tape

By using a poor quality tape, you run the risk of material damage, injured employees, unnecessary extra work and superfluous costs. Does the tape peel off during shipment or installation? Glaziers will then run the risk of cutting themselves on the sharp edges. Glass panels can break or be damaged. Tape ends that come loose may lead to moisture accumulating in the frame, which could cause fungal growth.

Quality tape ensures safety and gives assurance

Some tapes on the market are cheap to buy, but expensive to use. They introduce a risk of unnecessary extra work. For this demanding application, we advise you to use a stable tape quality. This prevents a bargain from becoming an expensive purchase. Our extensive range contains duct tapes with various price/quality levels. Black duct tape ensures minimal visibility.

Advantages of duct tapes used to protect glass panels

• A high (initial) tack on glass;
• Can be formed quickly and flexibly around shape panel edges;
• Strong, moisture-resistant and hand tearable;
• Good adhesion at high and low temperatures.