Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

HVAC sector

The importance of good energy performance in houses and buildings is growing. As a specialised HVAC wholesaler you supply, for example, products for sealing and thermally insulating heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems. Cloth, aluminium and duct tapes contribute to an effective protection against rust and loss of power. We offer various price/quality levels.

Moisture and heat-resistant aluminium tapes for efficient insulation

Our (reinforced) aluminium tapes are highly resistant to moisture, low and high temperatures and chemicals. The tape is suitable for:

Thermal insulation (sealing and waterproofing) of HVAC pipes and tubes;
Sealing of seams between tube parts or sheets of insulation materials.
Aluminium tapes increase the efficiency when rooms are heated or cooled.

Duct tapes with extremely high tack at low temperatures

Tape for HVAC often does not stick well under cold conditions. Also, the tape is not usually designed to fasten to various substrates such as foam and metal. Our multifunction, all-weather duct tapes are. The tapes perform extremely well at low and freezing temperatures and adhere strongly to smooth and rough substrates. There is a reason we are Europe's largest specialist manufacturer of duct tape.

Turnover-increasing packaging for HVAC wholesalers

As a wholesaler you must think of sales promotions. We will gladly assist. What stimulates customers to buy more tape? User-friendly, distinctive packaging helps increase your sales with each visit. Take the tape tower: a shrink wrap with rolls of duct tape and a handle for carrying with ease. Your customer leaves, not with just a few rolls but with one or more wholesale packages.