Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Painters' wholesaler sector

You offer specialised trade dealers a total range of non-paint articles. Including tape. Customers can choose from a leading brand or a private label. Because of the pressure to increase your turnover, you expand your share of economical private label products in your range. You greatly value reliable supplies and your customers should never have to hear you are out of stock. That is what you offer your customers. We offer you exactly the same thing.

Total package of customised painters' tapes

We help you create a cost-effective range of tapes for painters, sprayers and plasterers. A customised range that fits in with local market requirements and conditions and also the required positioning. Our painters' tapes are UV-resistant, easily removed and have a favourable price/quality ratio. Just like our protective film and cloth tapes. In short, a range that sells itself.

Tape producer behind the private labels

We have chosen to offer our (painters') tapes under a private label. We have built up experience and expertise in this area for many years now. In the entire chain from raw material supplier to painter, we fulfil the function of producer. There lies our strength. We are the driving force behind the tape range of many well-established and less well-known brands that are offered on a national and international level.

Fast and correct deliveries throughout all of Europe

Fast, prompt and correct deliveries characterise our logistics services. After all, delivery reliability is one of our most important key objectives. We can keep and manage stocks for you so that you are never without tape. We control the distribution on a European level right down to the last detail. You can bank on the fact that we deliver the correct tapes on time and at the correct destination.