Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Pasta and rice sector

Traditional local dishes have in part given way to world dishes such as pasta and rice. Consumers like diversity. Due to the broad selection available and the increase in the number of small households, a pack of pasta or rice is not used in one go. That's why it would be preferable if such packs were resealable. Resealable tape is a logical choice.

The customer's need for resealable, flexible packs is growing

Many products have been available for many years now in packs with a cap or lid that can be closed again. Studies have shown that consumers' demand for resealable packs is increasing strongly. Especially the demand for flexible resealable packaging. This trend is due to the consumers' need for ease of use, better health and less packaging waste.

Resealability of packaging stimulates purchasing behaviour

Ease of use stimulates sales. Consumers value sound resealability. Even more so now the number of small households is increasing and the population is steadily ageing. On average, a person opens 7 packs a day. The biggest nuisance is in the opening and closing of these packs. The packaging breaks and ends up in the dustbin. Product information and brand identity are lost. The probability of repeat purchases decreases.

Reliable mechanical tape processing

In the food industry, tapes must be food-safe, user-friendly and easy to process automatically without problems. You produce at high speeds and loss of performance is not an option. Thanks to our specialist knowledge of tape processing and our partnership with your machine supplier, you can rely on sound automatic application. With a minimum number of roll changes and downtime.