Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

SuperCarry Universal

Universal carrying handle tape with a carrying power of up to 12 kg. Can also be supplied in a UV-resistant version (Plus).

Technical data
Carrier type MOPP
Adhesive type Synthetic rubber (solvent-free)
Film thickness (µm) 50
Overall thickness (µm) 66
Adhesion on PE (N/25mm) 7.0
Adhesion on steel (N/25mm) 11.5
Tensile strength (N/25mm) 380
Elongation (%) 40
Product properties
Colour(s) Transparant
Printable Yes
Maximum weight <12 kilogram
Handle length Approx. 400 mm (other lengths upon request)
Handle width 25 mm (30 mm en 35 mm upon request)
Number of handles per roll Max. 28.750 pieces
Supplied on Supplied on flat rolls or spools