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Food-safe duct tape SuperFood 31201

This blue multifunctional duct tape will offer you support when making your production process food safer. The elements and adhesive ingredients of the tape comply with EC Regulation No. 1935/2004 and are suitable for indirect and direct food contact. To exclude contamination, we coat, slit and package the tape in an ISO-22000/HACCP-certified production environment. 

The most frequent applications of the duct tape are: splicing film and paper, sealing big bags and bags in general, marking machines and floors, identifying during inspections and bundling materials. The strongly adhesive duct tape will adhere inside, outside and on smooth and rough substrates such as plastic, metal, aluminium and concrete. The tape can be torn by hand.

Technical data
Carrier type LDPE + polyester fabric
Tape type Single-sided
Adhesive type Synthetic rubber
Overall thickness (µm) 165
Adhesion on steel (N/25mm) 20
Rolling ball tack (cm) <3
Tensile strength (N/25mm) 75
Temperature resistance (ºC) -10 to +85
Product properties
Colour(s) Blue
Suitable substrate(s) Smooth/rough (plastic, metal aluminium or concrete)
Permanent / removable Permanent
Hand tearable Yes
Supplied on Dimensions upon request