Self-adhesive tape manufacturer

Food-safe industrial tape SuperFood 32101

In addition to food-safe packaging tape en food-safe resealable tape you most probably use self-adhesive tapes during the production and packaging process for the industrial applications below:

  • to splice film rolls or cardboard;
  • to repair big bags after taking quality samples of food (ingredients);

  • to bundle machine cables, cords, and other products and material;
  • to add markings on floors, packaging and production/packaging machines.

Our process-supporting tapes are manufactured with food-safe-qualified products in an ISO-22000/HACCP-certified environment. Therefore, the tapes are suitable for both direct and indirect food contact in accordance with EC Directive No. 1935/2004.

Technical data
Carrier type PET
Tape type Double-sided
Adhesive type Synthetic rubber
Thickness excl. liner (µm) 62
Overall thickness (µm) 134
Adhesion on steel (N/25mm) 8
Static shear (hour) 168
Temperature resistance (ºC) -10 to +75
Product properties
Colour(s) Transparant
Permanent / removable Permanent
Supplied on Dimensions upon request